American Childhood Cancer Organization Affiliates

Local affiliates and coalition groups across the country provide direct support to the children, adolescents and their families through hospital and community based programs.

How do these groups help?

The people behind these organizations have a strong commitment to ensure families do not have to navigate the childhood cancer journey alone. Most of our groups are led by parents or relatives of children who have had cancer. We like to think of these parents as the "alumni" who have stayed around to help the next generation of families through the childhood cancer ordeal. They are knowledgeable not only in treatment issues, but in what families need, often before they know they need it. The types of services that these organizations provide include: 

  • Diagnosis bags for newly diagnosed families.
  • Support groups and/or events, a time for families to get together.
  • A patient library of childhood cancer reference books.
  • Organize the distribution of Hero Beads.
  • Emergency financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments, car repairs, transportation, pre-paid gas cards, groceries, parking, and more.
  • Work with the hospital staff to provide extra conveniences for parents.
  • Day and sleepover childhood cancer camps.
  • Social events for the children and young adults, for instance, one affiliate has a Dream Prom.  

How to Find a Local Affiliate 

Click here to find your local ACCO affiliate in your state.