Hydrocephalus, Shunts, and Gamma Knife

Hydrocephalus Association


This group was founded in 1983 in order to provide support, education and advocacy for individuals, families and professionals. A 12 page newsletter is published four times a year and there are several online articles (hospitalization tips, shunt technology, third ventriculostomy, a circle of friends, etc.). Information packets can be obtained free of charge including a 36 page brochure explaining hydrocephalus.
Review 11/28/01


Pediatric Patient Resource Handbook-Other Considerations (Shunts)


A chapter from an online book distributed from the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada. Part of this chapter is dedicated to shunts and hydrocephalus. There are some graphics. Material adapted from the hydrocephalus association.
Review 11/28/01

Hydrocephalus Center


Various books, articles and links that may be of interest to the hydrocephalus patient.
Review 11/29/01

Hydrocephalus (HYCEPH_L)


This is the home page of the hydrocephalus listserve. Instructions on posting and subscribing is included. This list is open to all people interested in hydrocephalus. Discussions frequently include other topics.
Review 11/27/01



A listserve of approximately 130 people interested in hydrocephalus.
Review 11/27/01

International Radiosurgery Support Association


A large site with information, patient stories, FAQ's and treatment center locations where Gamma Knife surgery is done.
Review 4/5/02

John Hopkins Radiosurgery Site


Information on gammaknife, proton beam and linear accelerator radiation- discussion board and email available from site.
Review 4/5/02

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery


A site out of Florida that discusses the procedure, indications and some sample cases.
Review 4/5/02

Elekta Instruments, Inc


A commercial site by the manufacturer - has some good information and pictures.
Review 4/5/02