Wear PJ's and have FUN!

Children with cancer can spend months to years dressed in their PJ’s at home or in the hospital as they undergo treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. They depend on others to help them through this difficult time in their lives; their families need information and support as well. PJammin is a way that your school or workplace can join in the fight to beat childhood cancer and provide HOPE to those who need it most. Organize a PJammin Day and wear your PJ’s to school or work for a minimum donation of $1.00 per participant. Each event creates awareness of childhood cancer issues, creates supportive communities for local families who are dealing with childhood cancer, and raises funds to provide information and support materials for children currently fighting cancer.

How to Participate

  • Download our EVENT ORGANIZER KIT.
  • Get your school or business involved and pick a date.
  • Watch our How-to register your PJammin Event Video 
  • Register your event and receive your campaign kit.

The top individual fundraiser at each event will receive a special gift from ACCO and its partners!

Email pjammin@acco.org
or call (855) 858-2226 ext. 101